Child Custody

At the Samano Family Law Firm, we concentrate on family law, including child custody. In custody disputes, we assist in mediation, arbitration and litigation when needed. We are strong advocates of mediation and arbitration when it comes to resolving issues in child custody. These non-adversarial methods are advantage in time and cost for clients when compared to going to court. It also helps maintain good relationships.

Samano Family Law: Mediation and Arbitration

During mediation and arbitration, both parties have an opportunity to address child custody issues with an assigned mediator or a panel of arbitrators. As a Knoxville child custody attorney, we help clients organize their thoughts and prepare them for the procedures during these processes. With mediation, the mediator is a neutral third party who helps facilitate the meetings. Participants are encouraged to develop their own solutions for child custody disputes. Like arbitration, it typically takes several meetings to reach an agreed resolution. Before signing any child custody agreement, we carefully review it to ensure that your best interests and the child’s best interests are taken care of. When an agreement cannot be reached between both parties, litigation is the common next course of action.

Knoxville Child Custody Attorney: Litigation

Keep in mind that both parents have an equal right to custody of the child when they separate or divorce. The court strives to reach a decision that is in the bests interests of the child. This may be based upon the wishes of the child and the child’s relationship with each of the parents. Mental and physical health of the child are also taken into consideration by the court. When there are several children involved, the court has the authority to split the custody between parents in accordance with the best interest of each child.

If one party convinces the court that visitation rights would be injurious to the child, the court also has the authority to deny visitation rights. This decision often results when the noncustodial parents is incarcerated or has emotionally or physically abused the child. When a parent refuses to over the custody decree, the court can order the parent in indirect contempt of court.

At the Samano Family Law Firm, we represent both mothers and fathers in issues relating to child custody. Our goal is to ensure that you can continue your parent-child relationship in the event of a legal separation or divorce. Child custody issues can range from simple to complex. Relocation, domestic violence and military assignment are just some of the circumstances that can cause a tough child custody case. We have experience in handling both simple and complex child custody cases. Be sure to turn to us for legal advice and legal action.

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