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Family law encompasses a broad range of legal issues involving marriage and children. Common issues in family include legal separation, divorce, child custody, child visitation rights, child support and spousal support. There are a body of statutes and case precedents that govern the legal responsibilities between parties who share a domestic connection. Due to the emotionally-charged nature of many family law cases, it’s best to retain legal counsel to ensure that your best interests and the child’s best interests are taken care of. At the Samano Family Law Firm, we practice in a broad range of family law issues.

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We assist clients in both legal separation and divorce. Couples may opt for a legal separation instead of divorce for a variety of reasons. They may decide upon a legal separation for a cooling-off period or when religious beliefs void the option of divorce. With many legal separation agreements ranging from six months to two years, it also gives the parties the time needed to decide issues relating to child custody and spousal financial support. A legal separation is a court order that highlights the responsibilities and rights of married spouses. At the Samano Family Law Firm, we assist clients in gathering financial information and drafting up the legal separation agreement.

We also assist clients in the event they decide to pursue a divorce. Today, many family law disputes are settled through mediation or arbitration. Without taking the matter to court, negotiations can take place in a calm manner with the guidance of third-party mediators or an arbitration panel. Both parties have the opportunity to present their issues and negotiate for an agreed resolution. These non-adversarial options are a good way to maintain good relationships, settle disputes in a timely manner and avoid the high costs associated with litigation. However, if an agreement cannot be achieved, we are fully prepared to battle it out in the courtroom.

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When there are children involved, divorce is often more complicated. There may be child support, child visitation and child custody disputes. We handle both simple and complex child-related issues. It’s not uncommon for relocation or remarriage to complicate matters. With years of experience in family law, we can offer our legal advice and ensure that the child’s best interests are adequately taken care of.

Sometimes, an ex-spouse may go missing or not pay the mandated child support. We use many strategies to locate a missing ex-spouse, including tracking driver’s license, passport and previous employers. We also file the appropriate papers with the court to attain any back payments in child support.

If you’re considering a legal separation or divorce, be sure to contact us for the best legal advice and representation.

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