When Your Child’s In Trouble with the Law You Need An Experienced Knoxville Juvenile Attorney
From the time your child was young, you knew that they weren’t perfect. Making mistakes is normal and a part of growing up. While some lessons, like blowing their allowance in one night at the movies, are okay being learned “the hard way” and making them deal with the consequences, others like a run-in with the law are not. Very little good can come from your child spending time in a juvenile facility because they stole from the local mall or were caught drinking at a party.

While you might be tempted to handle the situation on your own, either because you want to keep things quiet or because you are concerned about the costs, we urge you not to take a do-it-yourself approach when dealing with the law. Your child’s future and freedom is at stake. No matter what the situation is, an experienced attorney who’s handled hundreds of cases can get desired results is more valuable than saving some money or worrying about your reputation when there’s a serious matter at hand. Likewise you also need an attorney who is skilled in handling juvenile cases. The law is different for adults and juveniles and even the best trial lawyer for adults will not get the same results as an attorney who deals specifically with juveniles.

How A Knoxville Juvenile Attorney Can Help

These days juvenile criminal offenses have serious consequences that will follow them for years to come such as having to drop out of school or extracurricular activities, having their license suspended, a record that’s visible to police even for minor infractions like traffic stops, possible loss of scholarships or educational opportunities beyond high school and even incarceration at a juvenile facility.
At Samano Family Law, we can help your child if they have been accused of any of the following:

  • Underage drinking
  • Curfew Violation
  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Assault
  • Drug related crimes
  • Car jacking
  • Robbery or armed robbery
  • Hate crimes
  • Sexual battery, molestation, rape
  • Attempted murder or murder

Samano Family Law Is On Your Side

We understand that the stakes are high when a law infraction involves a minor. Besides taking care of the present situation, we strive to ensure that your child’s future isn’t ruined by the bad choices they’ve made or situations they were in. We also realize that you, as a parent are feeling awful that your family is dealing with this situation. Rest assured, we’re here to help you and your child work through this. We treat you with the respect you deserve and the compassion you need. For an initial consultation, contact us today at Samano Family Law!

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