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Child Custody Representation is Critical for Family Protection

Child custody determinations are an automatic fallout of a divorce proceeding and very common legally. However, that by no means makes them a simple process to go through. Such hearings often have emotional and long-lasting impacts on family members, especially the children involved in the matter.

Disputes over custody can be extremely difficult to manage because they are often times emotional and question each party’s ability to be a viable parent. This goes to the heart of being a parent and rights that we often take for granted until they become a matter for the court to determine. That fact often makes the process painful and frustrating as it frequently seems like the matter is out of control and being determined by someone else.

The most important thing a parent can do is to be a loving resource and protection for the children involved. This has to continue before, through, during and after the custody determination. The second priority for any parent facing such a dispute to get proper and experienced legal representation to ensure custody rights are not lost based on the wrong perceptions of the court.

The Samano Family Law group is extremely versed in family law, divorce and child custody issues. As a Knoxville child support attorney, Vanessa Samano has dealt with all types of cases and issues, accurately and vigorously representing her clients and their ongoing relationship rights with their children. She is fully aware that few things hurt more than a parent losing the right to be with their child, and as a legal advocate her office tries to reach an amicable result in every case to keep a family functioning for the children.

Custody can come in a number of different shapes and orders and, if left to the court to decide, can often produce a situation that is less than ideal for the whole family involved. This is because such decisions, unless represented proactively, are often based on paper reports versus what may be in a family’s best interest. Such decisions can affect fundamental issues such as, what school a child goes to, where they worship, the days they can be with one parent versus another, how they are to be cared for, and even what they do when they are with a parent. Such orders can be extremely frustrating and seem like they lack logic, which is why it is critical to have good representation like Samano Family Law before such decisions are made in a hearing.

Child custody order modifications can be an issue as well. A decision may have already been made that worked at one time, but people’s lives change as well as the needs of the children involved. Legal representation can help push through necessary modifications to ensure children involved are protected properly in a family versus being exposed to elements that they shouldn’t be. The Samano Family Law group can help with these issues as well, assisting parents in protecting their children and their custody rights as well.

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