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The Samano Family Law Firm focuses on issues related to divorce, including separation, child custody and child support. It’s important to note that separation is not the same thing as divorce although it’s generally the first step toward a divorce.

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Couples may decide to file for a legal separation for a variety of reasons. They may need time to determine the custodial and financial arrangements for the family before actually filing for a divorce or there may be religious objections to divorce. In addition, the couple may need a cooling-off period with the option of reconciling.

A legal separation is a court order that outlines the rights and responsibilities of married spouses when they choose to lead separate lives. Issues are settled in the separation agreement, and the couple remain legally married. Generally, legal separations last anywhere from six months to two years.

When filing for a legal separation, the parties need to present financial information, such as loan agreements, credit reports and monthly bank statements. This is needed to determine child custody support and spousal alimony. In addition, both parties must have the separation agreement notarized. At the Samano Family Law Firm, we assist clients in the document preparation for separation agreements.

Samano Family Law: Divorce

Once a client decides to pursue divorce, we file a summons and complaint in the appropriate court. These legal documents give notice to the individual whom the divorce is sought and the basis for the divorce. Once received, that individual may respond by answering claims and presenting any defenses.

The divorce may be contested or non-contested. Generally, a non-contested divorce doesn’t involve any judicial involvement. However, settlement discussions are often needed. We assist our clients in non-adversarial options, including mediation and arbitration to resolve issues. These options are less time consuming that a court procedure and also more cost effective.

When an agreement cannot be reached through mediation or arbitration, litigation is usually the next option. As a Knoxville divorce and separation attorney, we develop a strategy and have all our ducks lined up in a row for a strong litigation presentation. This includes providing financial documentation to the court and calling witnesses when needed.

Divorce is often an emotional experience for both parties. At the Samano Family Law Firm, we strive to make the experience as smooth as possible for our clients. In addition to legal guidance, we offer the needed emotional support. Our goal is to see that your rights are clearly represented for a favorable outcome. Be sure to call us if you are considering a separation or divorce.

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